Sacha Roschar

Born in Amsterdam on June 6, 1964.
In 2019 I got interested in arranging and producing Electronic Dance Music.
After a lot of experimenting with different software and learning online my first dancetrack “Hi” was released in March, 2020.

Skilled as an offset pressman I worked 25 years in the printing industry. At young age I was already interested in computing. Back in 1999 I founded ICT Helpteam, a company that provided both home and business clients an alternative to the “status quo” of the dread of calling computer tech support. As of today, I only provide my skills for small businesses as a ICT Field- and Datacenter Technician.

I try to release a dancetrack every month. Progress in my musical abilities are going fast. Take the 124 b.p.m. ride with me, enjoy and stay tuned!