Sacha Roschar

Born in Amsterdam on June 6, 1964. Skilled as an offset pressman i almost “did” 25 years in the printing industry.

At young age i was interested in computing. Back in 1999 i founded ICT Helpteam, a company that provided both home and business clients an alternative to the “status quo” of the dread of calling computer tech support.

In 2019 i discovered my new talent: arrange and producing Electronic Dance Music. After a lot of experimenting with different software and online learning my first track “Hi” was released in March, 2020. The tracks Chasebook, Lightspeed, Time, Steps and Birth are still in the beginning of my creative process.

The tracks that i am arranging now are in the middle of this. ‘Section’ is the first in a wider, more attractive arrangement. The first 6 tracks you will find on any online music platform. The next ones you will only find exclusive on Spotify. Enjoy and stay tuned!