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JOSEF ROSCHAR4-9-2005 CERAMIC ARTIST                 


On the 4th of September, 2005, Josef Roschar passed away from pancreatic cancer.    

Josef was a ceramic artist of international repute. He was exhibited many times in Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Calgary and Vancouver.

He was particularly proud of two exhibitions at the George Gardiner Museum for Ceramic Art in Toronto.  His work is featured in corporate collections too numerous to mention.  Articles about his work appeared in many international ceramic arts publications.

Josef was born in Amsterdam, Holland, 61 years ago.  He first came to Canada in the late ‘70’s and met his wife, artist Judith Myers, soon thereafter.  They operated galleries on Queen Street and on Avenue Road in Toronto, as well as one in Amsterdam, where they lived for a few years in the ‘80’s.  These galleries featured their own work as well as other well-known artists.  Josef and Judith moved to Stony Lake in 1999 and operated a studio and gallery in their home.

On July 31st, 2005 a tribute and benefit for Josef was held at the Sunset Pavillion on Stony Lake.  One hundred and twenty-five pieces of art of considerable diversity were donated by artists living in the Kawarthas and in Toronto.  Over 450 people attended,  $40,000.00 was raised to benefit Josef.  Those of you who were there can attest to the excitement of the event and outpouring of love for Josef that was evident.  Unfortunately Josef was too ill to make an appearance. Many fellow artists and friends worked extremely hard for many weeks to make the day so successful.

More important than Josef the artist was Josef the man.  Josef was truly unique.  He attacked life with joy and love.  He was able to relate to each person he met without reservation, accepting everyone at face value.  He had an unusually large and diverse number of close friends.

As an artist he traveled widely for inspiration.  He had an innate sense of form and design and was constantly experimenting with glazes, colour and texture.

An interesting anecdote was told to me by a close friend.  A few weeks before his death Josef told this individual that he believed he would return to earth very soon, but this time as a businessman.  An artist friend, hearing this comment, was shocked, saying “surely this world has enough businessmen”.  


Place of Birth • Amsterdam, Netherlands 


1982 - Gallery Van Hulsen; Leeuwarden, Netherlands
1983 - Atelier De Ceramique; Toronto, Canada
1984 - Atelier De Ceramique; Toronto, Canada
1985 - Atelier De Ceramique; Amsterdam, Nertherlands
1985 - Interior Design Studio Karin Haddad; Paris, France
1986 - Epona Gallery; Paris, France
1986 - Interior Design Studio Karin Haddad; Paris, France

1987 - Kunst en Keramiek Gallery; Deventer, Netherlands
1987 - Le Moulin Studio; Gordes, France
1988 - Roschar Gallery; Toronto, Canada
1991 - Interior Design Studio Karin Haddad; Paris, France
1993 - George Gardiner Museum for Ceramic Art Toronto, Canada
1994 - George Gardiner Museum for Ceramic Art Toronto, Canada
1994 - Charles Levitan Gallery, New York, NY
1994 - Owl 57 Galleries, Woodmere, NY
1995 - John Ramsey Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1996 - Eleonore Austerer Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1999 - Evicta Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2001 - Kalef-Halpin Consultants, Calgary, Canada


• Bell Canada
• Cantel Inc.
• Hong Kong Bank of Canada
• Terra Can Capital Corp.
• The Meloche Comm. Group Inc.
• Upper Canada Land Corp.
• Forum Financial Corp.
• Smith Mallette Group
• Bramelea Limited
• Delta Chelsea Hotel
• Canada Trust
• Dakis & Wilder Design
• Hotel Inter-continental
• Adamson
• Industrial Design
• Andrew
• Hazelton Lanes
• Mediacom Inc.
• Haworth Ltd.
• MacMillan Rooke Boeckle
• Rolex Canada
• Hotel Pacific Chiba, Chiba Ken Japan
• HDL Capital Corporation
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• Midland Walwyn
• Torkin Maines and Arbus
• Markle, May, Phibbs
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• Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
• Ward, Howell, Illsley Partners,
• McCague, Wires, Peacock, Borlock
Toronto McInnis and Lloyd, Toronto
• Harper Detroit Diesel
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• Montesi Communications, Vancouver
• Glyco Design
• 100 Yonge Developments Inc.
• Steve Cole & Partners, Toronto
• Smith Nixon & Co. Ltd., Toronto
• Rio-Can, Toronto
• Nexacon Realty Mgt. (Bell), Toronto
• Tridel, Toronto
• Canadian Venture Exchange, Toronto
• Lorwood Holdings, Concord
• Riocan, Toronto


1987 - Gallery Henk de Greef; Wassenaar, Netherlands
1988 - Quasi Modo; Toronto, Canada
1993 - Tanishima Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1994 - The George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Toronto, Canada
1995 - Jackson Kalef Gallery, Calgary, Canada
1998 - JBK Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1999 - Evicta Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2001 - Kalef-Halpin Consultants, Calgary, Canada


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• The Ontario Ministry of Inter-Governmental Affairs
• Vice-Counsel of France Alain Dougnac, Amsterdam & Toronto
• King and Queen of Spain
• Cutural Attaché of France Jamal Oubechov, Toronto


The 2nd International Ceramics Competition, 1989 • Mino, Japan